Update your iPhone with iOS 17 MondayiOS

As the tech world goes from the excitement of an Apple event to the pre-order and release cycle,

iOS 17 is the latest product to be released after the "Wonderlust" event. Pre-orders for the iPhone 15 started on Friday.

The new operating system wasn't talked about in the movie, but more information came out the same day.

With the update to the operating system, both Apple's most popular product and the AirPods will get new features and changes.

Users of the new operating system will be able to view a voicemail's transcript in real time and choose whether or not to answer the call.

NameDrop: This new function, a development of AirDrop, will enable iPhone users to share contact details.

AirPod Pro's new adaptive audio mode will adjust the volume of music and noise cancellation to the user's surroundings.

iPhone users will be able to put their phones into standby mode while the phone is charging on its side.

Additionally, iOS 17 users can set the system to automatically mute incoming FaceTime calls from people they don't know.