WhatsApp Channels to be expanded by Meta to more than 150 nations

On Wednesday, Meta Platforms (META.O) announced that it will soon make WhatsApp Channels accessible to users in more than 150 countries.

They can use this service to receive confidential updates from celebrities, sports teams, and thought leaders.

The change comes as Meta makes an effort to boost engagement across its social media applications, establishing them as major hubs for content creators to interact with followers.

Instagram's Broadcast Channels feature was simultaneously made available internationally.Channels on WhatsApp are distinct from chats, and followers are not visible to one another.

Users will be able to browse recommended WhatsApp Channels depending on area and popularity, according to Meta. They will be able to use emoticons to respond to messages in a channel, just like in WhatsApp chat.

In the following weeks and months, WhatsApp Channels will be available globally. Anyone with a WhatsApp account can set up a channel on the app.