Pinterest's Shuffles app for Gen Z has now inspired a new Pinterest feature.

Shuffles, Pinterest's then-new collage-making software, went viral on TikTok a year ago as Gen Z

Shuffles, which employs a similar image cutout technology, is where the idea was obviously lifted.

By taking pictures through their phone's camera or using images from Pinterest's database, users of the app could create their own collages.

They might remove items from the picture's foreground once they discovered one they liked.

These collages weren't just used as mood boards for inspiration; the finished pieces also featured shoppable items.

Users could tap on the items and be redirected to Pinterest where they can find out if the item can be purchased on a retailer’s website.

The feature is in early testing, Pinterest says, and will roll out to global users soon. It’s not clear what this means for the fate of Shuffles itself