New Bard Extensions Can Read Your Gmail to Help Plan Trips and More

Google has started pushing out a significant update to its Bard AI chatbot.

The chatbot can now pull real-time data from other Google apps and services, such as Gmail, Drive, Maps, YouTube, and Flights.

You may use Bard extensions to ask questions and submit requests that are related to any or all of Google's many apps.

As one example, maybe you're planning a trip to Tokyo with other family members and want some help from Bard.

You could ask the tool to scan for dates that work for everyone based on their Gmail messages, search for flight and hotel information, find Google Maps directions to the airport

To try Bard extensions, fire up Chrome and head to the extensions page.

Here, you can enable or disable the extensions for Google Flights, Google Hotels, Google Maps, Google Workspace (Gmail, Docs, Drive), and YouTube.