iOS 17 : The most noticeable new iPhone features are also the least noticeable.

iOS 17 is the newest generation of iPhone software, with a plethora of new features that ZDNET has fully covered.

Here is a list of useful (and subtle) features to be aware of:

Swipe to reply on iMessage

There are times when talks between family members, roommates, or fantasy sports players run long and you want to respond to a specific message.

Improved adaptive autocorrect

Aside from not autocorrecting that word to "duck" or "ducking," iOS 17 uses a transformer language model to understand your typing tendencies and how you spell specific words.

Auto-removing one-time passcodes

When you autofill a confirmation number for two-factor logins, whether it's fetched from your iMessage or Mail, it's now more secure.

No more "Hi Siri" and longer conversations

Nothing is more weird than addressing Apple's voice assistant with "Hi Siri" before each command. With iOS 17, you can not only activate Siri by saying "Siri".

Leveler in the Camera app

When I showed my parents iOS 17, no hidden feature elicited more oohs and aahs than the camera leveler.

Live activities in StandBy Mode

StandBy Mode, which turns your iPhone into an ambient smart display when docked sideways on a MagSafe charger, is the most eye-catching feature in iOS 17.

Offline maps in Apple Maps

Apple Maps, like Google Maps, now allows you to download parts of locations for offline navigation.