StandBy Mode on iOS 17

How to Use iPhone's New StandBy Mode

The StandBy mode in iOS 17 is perfect for you if you tend to leave your phone docked at your desk at work or by your bedside at home.

The most latest iPhone models are now receiving the functionality. Here's how to use the functionality if you have iOS 17 downloaded.

Turning on StandBy mode By default, StandBy mode is turned on in iOS 17. If it's not, or should you want to turn off the feature, open up Settings > scroll down to StandBy > and switch the activation toggle.

On this tab, there are two more settings for activating Night Mode, which changes the color tint from vivid to crimson.

Any compatible iPhone that is charging and turned to the horizontal position can use StandBy mode.

The iPhone may be charged using a typical Qi wireless charging pad, a MagSafe charging dock, or even a regular lightning cord.

When those conditions are satisfied, StandBy mode will activate immediately, turning your iPhone's lock screen into a widescreen status hub.

Incoming messages and alerts will be displayed when the iPhone is docked if Show Notifications is enabled in the StandBy settings of the device.

You can turn off Show Preview on Tap Only for increased privacy so that you must first unlock your phone using Touch ID or Face ID

StandBy mode will be supported by all iPhone models that can be upgraded to iOS 17. From this year's models to the iPhone XR, that degree of support is available.