How Gmail Snippets can save you time and effort

If Gmail is your preferred email service, consider using the free Snippets tool to reduce the amount of typing you do on a regular basis.

What if I told you there was a useful Gmail add-on that would spare you from having to retype that material every time you needed to send it?

Snippets is a feature that comes with the Gmail "Vault" extension. This simple tool can save you a significant amount of time and work.

You may access your Vault (and the Snippets it contains) from Gmail's browser or mobile app.

Installing the Vault Gmail add-on should come first. Open your web browser, navigate to the Vault addon website, and click Install to complete this.

Open Gmail and select the Compose option. The Compose window should now have a new icon (a little square with a green/white check). Toggle that icon.

Click New Snippet in the lower left corner of the resultant window.

Enter the Label, Content, Folder, and Team Members in the following popup as well as any other information you need for the Snippet.

You only need to open the Gmail Composer, select the Vault icon, and then click the Insert button to use the new snippet.