Apple promotes the iPhone 15 Pro. China's supplies through October are a hint of solid orders.

In China, buyers of Apple's new iPhone 15 Pro Max would have to wait four to five weeks before receiving the smartphone.

Following a fall in the worldwide smartphone industry, the hints are expected to alleviate some concerns about demand for Apple's flagship handset.

The Pro Max's four-to-five-week wait period in China may help assuage concerns about a financial damage in Apple's third-largest market amid rising competition.

The wait for the iPhone 15 Pro in China is two to three weeks. It stated that the iPhone 15 would be available on September 22.

Buyers in the top market in the United States will have to wait six to seven weeks before receiving the Pro Max.

However, unlike China, the wait for the Pro model is shorter, with a duration of only two to three weeks for the 128 GB version in the United States and Japan.