Apple announces iOS 17 update, release date in shadow of iPhone event

On September 18, Apple is expected to release iOS 17, which will include new capabilities for a variety of iPhone models, including the iPhone 15.

The upgrade affects all of the iPhone's features, including the phone, texting, and applications.

Additionally, iOS 17 will add additional functions and modes to the iPhone and AirPods Pro.

Users of iPhones will be able to put their devices into standby mode as they charge on their side. The phone can run widgets, shuffle through images, and serve as a clock.

The incoming video will be displayed on the larger screen, while the iPhone or iPad will act as the outgoing camera.

iPhone users will be able to exchange contact information by holding their phones close to one another thanks to the new NameDrop function, which is a development of the AirDrop capability.

For people who use iPhones as phones, the phone app now has the ability to add new visual alerts to notify a user when a contact calls.