Amazon AI announcement today

From a smarter Alexa to an AI art generator for your TV, lots of new AI is coming your way.

Amazon conducted its Amazon's Devices & Services Event on Wednesday, when the firm announced its latest gear and, of course, a lot of AI.

1. Advanced Alexa with new LLM

The advanced Alexa with the new LLM will have much-anticipated upgrades, including advanced conversational capabilities.

2. Explore with Alexa

The "Explore with Alexa" feature is a new addition to the Amazon Kids+ service

3. Eye Gaze on Alexa

Customers with mobility or speech challenges will be able to use the Eye Gaze on Alexa function, which will be available later this year on the Fire 11 Max Tablet.

4. Fire TV Search

Users may ask Alexa for Fire TV content using conversational inquiries with the new Fire TV Search.

5. AI Art on Your TV

AI image generators have been all the rage, and now Amazon is embedding them into its televisions.

6. Call Translation

Call Translation is a new feature that will allow Alexa to caption audio and video conversations in real time with the appropriate translation.

7. Echo 8 presence detection

The gadget will dynamically change how you see your home screen based on your proximity to the Echo Show 8.