OpenAI CEO: AI is working just fine

OpenAI CEO reveals surprise that the tech, “is all just working”

The CEO of OpenAI has expressed amazement at how well the technology is doing.

Sam Altman and Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff covered a wide range of AI subjects at Dreamforce 2023.

“The biggest surprise is just that it's all working,” Altman said, drawing laughter from Benioff and the audience

Altman went on to say that the amount of interest in AI has also surprised him.

“The level of enthusiasm, hopefulness and excitement around the world, of course, balanced with wanting to successfully

“I thought maybe this was just a tech, Silicon Valley phenomenon, but seeing what everyone around the world is doing with the technology

He also confessed that he expected AI-caused surveillance difficulties to lead to an increase in surveillance in the near future.

Overall, the OpenAI CEO expressed optimism that the great achievements made by AI will continue in the future.