7 new iOS 17 features to look forward to

After Apple announced the software during the iPhone 15 unveiling earlier this week, Apple users will be able to download the new iOS 17 on Monday, September 18।

1. Leaving a FaceTime message

With FaceTime calls, Apple customers may now accomplish the same. Now, users can choose to leave an audio or video message.

2. Check in safety features

Apple is granting users access to extra safety features with iOS 17. There are two ways for users to "check in" on the software.

3. Live voicemail transcripts

With the new live voicemail function, you may listen to a live transcript of a voicemail that is being left for you and choose to return the call.

4. Improvements to audio messages

In place of calling, the audio message feature has emerged as a remedy for this issue. Users who update iOS 17 will notice several changes to the feature.

5. The Journal app

Based on information, your iPhone will send you journaling recommendations for moments you might wish to remember and write about.

6. Setting up Apple Cash allowances

You can set up recurring payments with Apple Cash and have them delivered right to your child's smartphone. Families can manage payments by using Family Sharing.

7. Mental health features

In the Health app, users can also finish standard mental health assessments used in clinics.