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Monday is the day to update your iPhone to iOS 17. Here’s what you need to know.

update your iPhone to iOS 17

Update your iPhone to iOS 17

As the tech world transitions from the excitement of an Apple event to the pre-order and release cycle, the company’s core technology will be updated.

After opening pre-orders for the iPhone 15 on Friday, iOS 17 is the most recent product to be released following the “Wonderlust” event. The new operating system was not discussed in the video presentation, but information was released the same day.

The operating system update will include enhancements and new features for Apple’s premier product and AirPods.

Here are some facts about iOS 17.

What’s new with iOS 17?

The new operating system will enable users to read a transcript of a voicemail in real-time and determine whether or not to answer the call.

iPhone users will be able to place their devices in inactive mode while the device is charging on its side. This mode enables the phone to function as a clock, cycle through photos, and operate applications.

FaceTime will now allow users to project conversations to AppleTV devices. The iPhone or iPad will serve as the outgoing camera, while the larger screen will display incoming video.
This new feature, an offshoot of AirDrop, will enable iPhone users to exchange contact information by holding their devices near to one another.

Adaptive Audio: This mode, introduced with the AirPod Pro, modifies the volume of media and noise cancellation to reflect the user’s environment.

Conversation Awareness: Additionally, iOS 17 will include a Conversation Awareness mode, which will adjust the volume of what’s playing and amplify the voices of the individuals in front of you.

What’s improved with iOS 17?

FaceTime users can now leave video messages if the recipient of their call does not answer. The messages will function identically to voicemail, and callers will have access to all the video effects that would be available during a completed FaceTime call.

Additionally, iOS 17 will allow users to automatically mute FaceTime conversations from strangers.

The operating system will incorporate additional “Check-In” options.

For those who use their iPhones as a phone, the phone app can now generate new visuals to alert the user of an incoming call from a contact.

In addition, Autocorrect and predictive text will be enhanced in the update.

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