The Inexpensive iPhone SE

iPhone SE

While thinking about Apple and the iPhone, the only word that came into our mind is cost. The gadget manufacturer is known for offering premium quality gadgets to all of its end users.

The most highlighting features in all of the company’s flagship devices include security, user-friendliness, and most amazing designs. Recently, the company has introduced an amazing affordable device for its consumers with a tight budget.

Previously in 2016, the company introduced its first iPhone SE with a 4inch display like the iPhone 5S. However, these iPhone feature the latest chip A9. These chips are being used in the company’s flagship phones.

This time, Apple made significant changes in the development of iPhone SE. Like the iPhone 8, this affordable gadget contains 4.7 inches display along with a welcome back and home button.

The main feature of the latest iPhone SE is the introduction of A13 bionic, a chip used in the latest flagship phones from the company. This means that it offers the same quality as the latest flagship phones from the company.

iPhone Price:

The latest invention from Apple is known for offering compatibility, reliability, and speed. The most amazing thing about this phone is that it will cost you anything between $400 which is nearly $600 less than the latest iPhone 11 Pro.

The base model of this phone comes with 64 GB space, however, you can boost the space to 128GB by paying an extra $50. And by paying nearly $150 extra you will get an extra memory of 256 GB.

Camera Quality:

Apart from having an average screen, the other drawback of this phone is that it does not come with a good quality camera. If you love to take high-quality images then phones with such cameras must not be your choice.

Image quality will be low in low light as it does not contains telephoto or ultra-wide lenses. Moreover, you won’t be able to take high-quality images with such a camera.

Besides this, the phone comes with an IP67 water-resistant rating which means that this phone has the ability to survive under 1 meter of water for at least 30 minutes. Moreover, this phone does not come with a headphone jack or lightning headphones.

You will have an LCD rather than an ultra-luxury OLED screed as found on several high-end phones on the market. Overall, it seems to be an iPhone for every one of you.

What Is Missing in iPhone?

The company cleverly discontinues the features to make it a perfect fit for iPhone lovers with a budget of up to $400. The main thing to be noted here is that the company continues the old design to cut the cost of manufacturing a new one.

To prevent the addition of new buttons or designs, the company has used the home button. Still, the design of this amazing phone stands up against several branded phones on the market.

The return of the home button will obviously be loved by everyone who is missing it in the latest iPhones. However, you might love to watch your HD films on its 4.7 inches display because the screen is not brighter and bigger like that of iPhone 11 Pro.

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