Spotify, TikTok, and different widespread iOS apps were crashing because of a Facebook issue.

facebook issue

In this current lockdown condition, more online users are shifting towards online video streaming and entertainment applications. No doubt, they are the best places to see something interesting while sitting idle at home. Facebook has been completely rushed with visitors who have been sharing their stuff on the social media giant. With a lot of traffic per day, it is obvious that there can be some streaming problems.

While looking at these problems, there are several entertainment applications, including Tiktok, Spotify, and others are experiencing issues.

Apart from these popular apps, several iOS apps are facing issues. A lot of users have reported bugs in the apps. According to a down detector, a website that detects issues of applications, all the applications were down. The applications, including TikTok, Tinder, Pinterest, and other related apps, face more problems.

Besides this, it is also rumored that famous websites such as GrubHub and Spotify were down for some time, but they recovered back in less time. Now, all applications are working normally like every before.

It is rumored that the main source of this issue is Facebook. The down detector claimed that there might be a problem with the Facebook Software Development Kit, aka SDK tool.

The SDK tool is meant to ease users in signing in to several other applications. For example if we would like to sign on for TikTok, we tend to typically click on “login with Facebook”, and therefore the app gathers all data from our Facebook profile. The backend functionality was controlled by the Facebook SDK tool.

Following this problem, developers started reporting the issue on GitHub, a well-known developer community. The issue won’t allow users to enter into the app via Facebook. Following this issue, the user cannot be able to login to the app after the fresh install.

The Facebook representative in a statement to an online news agency said that “Earlier today, a new release of Facebook included a change that triggered crashes for some users in some apps using the Facebook iOS SDK and they identified the issue quickly and resolved it. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

According to an internal source on Facebook, the developer’s team of social media have tried to update configurations yesterday. Developers had disabled the server configuration update that results in problems with SDK.

It is to be noted that a lot of tech companies rely on Facebook’s SDK tool to provide ease to their users. This is the reason, a single defect in Facebook’s SDK can affect thousands in no time.

For now, to get this issue resolved, Facebook’s engineering team has restored the old settings. Therefore, the restoration effect may take some time to propagate.

As mentioned above, several iOS apps were affected due to a change in the server configuration of Facebook. Looking at this problem, the iPhone manufacturer, Apple is yet to say something about this issue.

On the other hand, Spotify replied to this issue and stated that “we’re aware of some issues right now and are checking them out! We’ll keep you posted.”

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