Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 review

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 review

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 review the fan-favorite revolving bezel in the nick of time to rotate through an upgraded Put on OS 4 operating system. With upgraded interior specifications, a beneficial temperature level sensor, as well as a few other tweaks, the Watch 6 Classic may it really safe, yet it proceeds Samsung’s prominence as the most effective smartwatch choice for Android users.

The Galaxy Watch 6 will look as well as perform very familiar to See 4 or Enjoy 5 owners, though the optimized, ultra-bright screen as well as minor Exynos increase are welcome changes. It’s still a 40-hour watch or less, with the quickest access to Google’s Use OS updates as well as some brand-new heart health and wellness information and health and fitness tools.

The more amazing alternative is the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic with its revolving bezel. You pay a cost for its even more fashionable look, both in terms of money as well as its considerably much heavier weight. And it sheds the Watch 5 Pro’s legendary battery perk, making this alternative mostly about appearances as well as more precise controls.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 review : Pros and Cons


  • Very comfortable design
  • Colorful and bright display
  • Smaller bezels are lovely
  • Samsung Health keeps getting better
  • Good, reliable performance
  • Much-improved battery life
  • Still a great value


  • Wear OS still has its issues
  • Slightly more expensive

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6: design and hardware

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 keeps the very same basic shape and style of last year’s Galaxy Watch 5– which also looked basically similar to the Galaxy Watch 4 from 2021. The Galaxy Watch 6 is available in your selection of two case sizes, either 40mm or 44mm. I’ve been putting on the 44mm version throughout my evaluation in the graphite (also known as black) color, which is offered for both sizes. You can also obtain a silver finish in the very same 44mm style, while the 40mm Watch 6 obtains a brand-new gold shade.

As much as I want to see Samsung bend its design chops a lot more with future generations, it’s difficult to locate any actual issues concerning the design the company appears to have picked. It’s straightforward, comfy, as well as practically perfect wherefore it is.

The Galaxy Watch 6 has been a pleasure to endure my wrist considering that the minute I strapped it on. Not as soon as have I located it too heavy or large, as even in the bigger 44mm size, I believe it looks excellent on my little wrist. I also discover the included silicon band to be very comfy, and also it’s now much easier to switch with a different one, thanks to Samsung’s new “one-click” layout.

Just press and hold a switch near the base of the band, pull it off, and that’s it. The one-click system is present on every one of Samsung’s brand-new watch bands, and if absolutely nothing there captures your fancy, you can still make use of any kind of typical 20mm band you ‘d like– making it dead simple to discover a Galaxy Watch 6 band you’ll love.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 display

Samsung Galaxy watch 6 Release date

The Galaxy Watch 6 uses a Super AMOLED panel for its screen, though the dimension and also resolution adjustment depending on which dimension you choose. The 40mm version has a 1.3-inch 432 x 432 display, while the 44mm one has a 1.5-inch 480 x 480 display.

That’s a rise of 0.1 inches for both models compared to the Galaxy Watch 5, and also Samsung achieved this by considerably reducing the bezels around the display. That doesn’t seem like a big modification on paper, yet when taking care of a display screen this small, it makes a quite obvious difference in daily usage.

Samsung Galaxy watch 6 Release date

on Friday, Aug. 11. The Galaxy Watch 6 comes in two sizes — 40mm and 44mm — and will be priced at $300 and $330, respectively. Meanwhile, the Watch 6 Classic comes in 43mm and 47mm sizes, with prices starting at $400 and $430, respectively.

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