OnePlus 8 Pro with X-ray vision filter

OnePlus 8 Pro with X-ray vision filter

The OnePlus 8 Pro is reported to have an X-ray vision filter that can be viewed through plastics and cloth

OnePlus recently unveiled its new flagship smartphone, the OnePlus 8 Pro. There are reports of amazing possibilities for this mobile phone, which is not found on other mobile phone’s usual camera app. This capability can be used on Xiaomi Poco F1 phones through a 3rd party app.

The phone features an X-ray filter of ONEPlus 8 Pro phones and One of the specialties of this is that OnePlus 8 Pro users can report to the world that the OnePlus 8 Pro camera is capable of seeing some black plastic and fabrics on the inside.

X-ray vision (also known as X-ray vision, but it is known to operate on infrared) is not part of normal smartphones, but apparently not what ONEPlus meant.

This feature allows the infrared sensor to filter out some of the black, and then transparently through the black subtle plastic and some black clothing. However, it does not work on a solid piece of plastic but instead works better with thin plastic or fabric.

This is not the first time that such a problem has arisen, but in 1998, a camcorder with a night vision feature released by Sony was seen in clothing.

However, OnePlus has yet to release an official statement.

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