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New features in iOS 17 that can help keep you safe

features in iOS 17

Features in iOS 17

Apple’s latest operating system, iOS 17, was introduced on Monday, kicking off a busy week for the tech behemoth.

With the iPhone 15 and Apple Watch Series 9 hitting shops this Friday, the operating system is the first product from Apple’s “Wonderlust” event that consumers can get their hands on.

In addition, iOS 17 adds new functionality to Apple’s main device. While the most prominent enhancements are “Standby mode” and live voicemail, there are additional upgrades that will help keep iPhone owners safe.

Here are three important iOS 17 improvements that will help keep you safe.

‘Check In’ upgrades

In iOS 17, you can create a destination to send a check-in with a specific individual, such as home. When you arrive at your location, the phone can send a notification to the specified contact.

The “Check In” feature can also be set for a specific time period. When the timer runs out, the phone will ask you to tap the screen to confirm your safety.

If you don’t tap the screen or make any progress toward the marked destination for 15 minutes, the function will inquire if you’re okay and share details such as your location, battery charge, and cellular coverage with the person you’ve designated.

Offline Maps

In iOS 17, the maps feature will now be available offline. In regions where cellular coverage is unavailable, you will be able to obtain location information and routes. It will also provide anticipated arrival time estimates based on past traffic data.

What additional new features in iOS 17 include?

Live voicemail screening: With the new operating system, you can view a voicemail’s transcript in real time and choose whether or not to answer the call.
Standby mode: While the phone is charging on its side, iPhone users will be able to put their devices into standby mode. The phone can run widgets, cycle through images, and act as a clock in this mode.
Update for FaceTime: Calls can now be projected to an AppleTV device. The incoming video will be displayed on the larger screen, while the iPhone or iPad will act as the outgoing camera.

NameDrop: This new function, which is a development of AirDrop, enables you to share contact information with other iPhone users by holding your devices close to one another.

The AirPod Pro’s Adaptive Audio mode adjusts the media volume and noise cancellation to match your surroundings.

Conversation Awareness: iOS 17 will also come with a Conversation Awareness mode that allows you to adjust the level of any music playing while enhancing the voices of others around you. How to download iOS 17

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