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Microsoft new AI features

Microsoft new AI features

Microsoft new AI features : Microsoft introduced significant AI products during its yearly autumn event, including Copilot, an improved version of Windows 11, and Microsoft 365 Chat, all of which are capable of performing several jobs that are practically impossible to keep track of.

Nearly every day, new AI productivity aides join the market with the promise of doing numerous tasks to enhance your workflow. However, sometimes the jobs they can perform are not all that useful or need the same level of human supervision, making them useless.

I am pleased to report that five of Microsoft’s new AI solutions are genuinely useful in resolving real-world issues based on my hands-on experience at the event.

I included the latest Microsoft AI tools that will probably find their way into my personal workflows.

Following are some Microsoft new AI features

Bing Chat Personalized Answers 

The Personalised Answers function in Bing Chat is more intelligent than OpenAI’s ChatGPT Custom Instructions option.

You won’t have to repeatedly enter the same instruction since Bing Chat will be able to use the information from your prior talks to provide you with different replies thanks to the Personalised replies capabilities.

Bing Chat, for instance, would automatically filter out recipes that contained shellfish if you had previously said in a chat that you were allergic to shellfish. Then, if you subsequently asked it for recipe suggestions.

It will be simpler to write prompts if you can recall your prior ones because you won’t need to be as explicit every time.

When you ask the chatbot prompts that are all related to the same subject, like arranging a vacation or generating content for a certain audience, the functionality is very useful.

You may achieve the same outcome with Custom Instructions on ChatGPT by entering a directive such as, “Make sure you explain the terms in a level a child can understand,” which will then be automatically applied to all of your prompts going forwards.

The method offered by ChatGPT, however, requires you to manually write in the command and only applies it to one prompt at a time.

DALLE-3 supported Bing Image Creator

DALLE-3, the most sophisticated image-generating model developed by OpenAI, will now support Bing Image Creator. With this update, Bing’s Image Creator will be better able to comprehend your instructions and produce more accurate and detailed photographs, which will lessen the incidence of fuzzy and twisted features in its outputs.

The greatest part is that the new “Start a Design” option in Bing Chat allows you to instantly access the better resolution versions in Microsoft Designer, the company’s answer to Canva.

This is especially useful if you want the picture for a particular project, such as a banner, flyer, social media post, or more. You may complete the process in a single step rather than having to manually download the image from Bing Chat and import it into Designer.

Last but not least, the content credentials for the photos will now be shown in the form of a tag that reads “Generated with AI,” which should assist to lessen the dissemination of false information, which is one of the main problems with AI image production.

Microsoft Shopping Assistant 

Listen to me out before you dismiss this function since I was fascinated after watching the Shopping Assistant work its magic from beginning to end.

By responding to the assistant’s particular enquiries, the new Microsoft Shopping Assistant will guide consumers to the precise item they are looking for.

Consider the scenario when you inform the assistant that you are looking for new fall footwear. The assistant could then ask you explicitly what kind of boot you want, what colour, and so on, updating the results each time until you choose the one you wish to buy.

To assist you in choosing the ideal purchase, it may generate charts comparing all of the various product specifications and costs during that procedure.

Any browser will be able to visit the standalone Microsoft Shopping Experience website. However, Edge is the only browser that offers the added bells and whistles, such pricing trends, coupons, and other features, found on the well-liked RetailMeNot and Honey browser extensions.

Because I frequently become annoyed after reading aimlessly around Google and failing to locate a product that satisfies all of my criteria, I’ll probably utilise this tool while hunting for certain items.

The new Paint

The Paint tool will soon receive a much-needed AI upgrade that will transform it from a Windows programme you ignore to one you actively seek out.

A background removal tool in Paint now allows you to quickly isolate an image’s topic so you may layer it on other photos or projects. The new Cocreator function, which integrates generative AI into the Paint experience, is the most notable aspect.

If you use another AI picture generator, you may make up a description using this function. The picture you may use in your Paint project will then be generated in a matter of seconds, as seen in the video above.

Copilot in Word

This feature didn’t finish last because of its powers, but rather because it is so competent that I can already see it causing problems with plagiarism and distinguishing between human and artificial intelligence (AI)-generated work.

These last two Microsoft new AI features could be extremely useful for many professionals’ workflows to help with mundane document writing; however, in my line of work or for students’ assignments, leveraging either of these tools would likely violate writing policies. 

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