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Microsoft Advertising launches new video ad product

Microsoft Advertising launches new video ad product

Microsoft Advertising launches new video : “You can get started in just a few clicks, there are no complicated set-up fees or lengthy onboarding procedures, and it’s easy to optimize.”

Video and Connected TV (CTV) advertisements is a new video ad service that Microsoft Advertising has introduced.

This capability allows you to construct CTV and online video advertising campaigns directly from the Microsoft Advertising platform.

The brand-new item provides “a special reach across large-scale properties” to help make sure your advertisement gets shown to your intended market.

why it matters to us. The Video and Connected TV (CTV) feature increases the possibility of conversions by expanding the possibilities for ad serving and using audience analytics to target high-value consumers.

Getting going. No setup expenses or protracted onboarding procedures are required, and campaigns are straightforward to optimize.

How it operates. The audience intelligence provided by Microsoft goes well beyond simple search intent. It consists of a variety of sources of permitted first-party data that work together to connect you with your target audience.

Then, using machine learning algorithms, Microsoft develops audiences based on consumer brand and product preferences, past purchases, content choices, and location. This strategy aims to make targeted ads better in order to assist marketers in reaching your best audiences.

Where are adverts for connected and video television (CTV) served? In the US, Microsoft’s websites, publisher partners’ websites, and linked TV are fed video and connected TV (CTV) advertisements:

  • Microsoft Start
  • MSN
  • CNN
  • Hulu
  • The Washing Post
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • People
  • and many more

What uttered Microsoft? According to Liam Mackessy, a product marketing manager at Microsoft Advertising,

“This product has been made to be simple to use. There aren’t any complicated set-up procedures, lengthy onboarding procedures, or setup costs, and it’s easy to optimize.We’re lowering the barrier to entry for CTV advertising on the Microsoft Advertising platform so that more marketers may take use of it.
The ability to set their own frequency limitations, however, allows marketers to maintain control and flexibility so they can appropriately manage their budgets and marketing programs.

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