What is MySQL?

MySQL is the most popular free and open-source database management system in the world. There are various database management systems (DBMS) that support SQL but each product has its own implementation of SQL. MySQL database tables are used to store data. A table could be an assortment of connected information, and it consists of columns and rows.



Why MySQL?

Many of the world's largest and fastest-growing organizations as well as Facebook, Google, and Adobe think about MySQL to save lots of time and cash powering their high-volume internet sites, business-critical systems, and prepackaged software system.



Download MySQL Database

You can download MySQL software for free here: http://www.mysql.com



Before you start

Before you start this tutorial, you ought to have basic information on the knowledge lined in our PHP and HTML tutorials.



We suggest you check our PHP Tutorial for your reference.



What is Next?


Next section onwards, you will learn how to use MySQL effectively to get your work done more productively with MySQL programming.

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