Managing Data Security

The goal of database security is the protection of data from accidental or intentional threats to its integrity and access. Access to data has become more open managing data security has become difficult and time-consuming. Data administration is responsible for developing overall policies and procedures to protect databases. Database security is the protection of the data against accidental or intentional loss, destruction or misuse.



Threats of Data Security

Those who gain unauthorized access to a database may then browse, change or even steal the data to which they have gained access. Focusing on database security alone, however, will not ensure a secure database.



All part of the system must be secure, including the database, the network, the operating system the building in which the database resides physically and the personnel who have an opportunity to access the system.



The following threats can be identified for data security.


  • Accidental losses and human errors.
  • Software and hardware malfunctions.
  • Theft and fraud.
  • Loss of privacy or confidentiality.
  • Loss of data integrity.
  • Loss of availability.



A comprehensive data security plan will include establishing administrative policies and procedures, physical protection, and data management software protections.

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