Introduction to Network

What is a computer network?


A computer network is an interconnected collection of computers, Printers, and other resources interconnected for the purpose of communication and resource sharing.


A group of computer and associated devices connected by communication facilities (both hardware, software) to share information and peripheral devices, such as printers and modems.



Why networks?


  • Is a method of communication
  • File data sharing
  • Sharing of printers and other resources 
  • Can centralized administration and support
  • Can reduce the cost involved in communication & information gathering.



A Basic communication model


  1. Source
  2. Encoder
  3. Channel
  4. Decorder
  5. Destination



Modes of transmission


  • Serial Transmission

Bits can be transmitted only 1 bit at a time, using only one communication line. This is suitable for long distance, cheap but slow.


  • Parallel Transmission

Sends each byte (a series of bits) simultaneously using separate lines. this is very fast, suitable for a short distance but expensive. 



Modes of communication 


  • Simplex 

This is where messages are passed only in one direction.


  • Half-duplex

This is two-way communication, but one after the other.


  • Full duplex/duplex

This is also a two-way communication where both happen simultaneously



What is Next?


The next section explains about Local Area Networks and topologies. 


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