How to Cancel Microsoft Subscription

How to Cancel Microsoft Subscription

How to Cancel Microsoft Subscription : A simple and quick guide to successfully cancel Microsoft 365 and Xbox Game Pass subscriptions

If you use a Windows computer, you may get an Xbox Game Pass membership as well as a Microsoft 365 subscription. The former provides top-notch productivity, and the latter takes care of your gaming demands when you need to pass the time or let off steam.

You could occasionally want to stop using one or perhaps both of the two services. Even while cancelling a membership is not difficult, it might be a pain if you are unfamiliar with the procedure. Here is a brief tutorial to assist you successfully cancel your subscription to Xbox Game Pass and/or Microsoft 365 to make things easier.

How to Cancel Microsoft Subscriptions

Before you begin to cancel a Microsoft subscription, you’ll need to have your login information handy. That varies depending on how you signed up, so it could be an email address, phone number or Skype handle.

Log in to Microsoft

How to Cancel Microsoft Subscription

Go to and log in with your credentials. Follow any prompts until the screen refreshed to their home page.

 My Microsoft Account

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Locate and click the user symbol in the top right corner of the page. Select My Microsoft Account from the drop-down option that displays to access a new page with information about your account.

Services & Subscriptions

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How to Cancel Microsoft Subscription

On this page, a few active subscriptions could be shown. Select Services & subscriptions from the menu at the top of the page to view all subscriptions connected to your Microsoft account.

Manage Subscription

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You may view your active subscriptions as well as those that you’ve already cancelled from the Services & subscriptions tab. Select Manage after locating the Microsoft subscription you wish to cancel.

Cancel Subscription

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Scroll down until you find the option that reads “Cancel Subscription” after you have accessed the subscription you wish to cancel. You now have the option to accept or decline. To stop using that service through Microsoft, select Cancel Subscription.

Cancel Microsoft Xbox Game Pass Subcription

Although Microsoft has simplified the cancellation process, there are occasionally problems that make it impossible to cancel a subscription through the business’ website. These techniques might work if the instructions in our guidance didn’t.

Similar to how they do with services like Twitter or Gmail, it’s not unusual for folks to have numerous Microsoft accounts. Make sure you’re signed into the correct account if you have an active subscription with Microsoft but don’t see it listed under Services & subscriptions.

It’s a straightforward error that has caused many to lose countless hours of patience. It’s also the first thing you should do if a subscription for which Microsoft is billing you doesn’t appear.

Since when do you have the subscription? Do you wish to revoke an older plan or only a free trial before a payment is processed? Your payment method may have changed if you’ve had an older membership plan for more than a year.

The issue could arise if you registered using a debit or credit card and a new one has been issued. In the Payment choices area of your Microsoft account, you ought to see a notification instructing you to adjust your payment method for that plan. By selecting Payment choices from the drop-down menu under Payment & billing, you may have access to this data.

Cancel Microsoft Xbox Game Pass Subcription
How to Cancel Microsoft Subscription 11

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