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Google TV and Finance Watchlist Widgets Now Available on Android Phones

Google TV and Finance widgets

Google TV and Finance widgets are now available on Android phones

Now widely available on phones are the Google TV and Finance Watchlist widgets that were ostensibly announced for Android tablets in June.

The Google TV widget looks like an app and features a top bar that you can use to launch the app or go straight to the search bar and remote.

Users of the Google TV widget can access the app, conduct searches, or manage their TV using the top bar. Users will find a feed of suggested movies and television shows, replete with cover photos, beneath the top bar. Users can obtain further recommendations by tapping on a suggested show or movie to view the website for that item.

The Google TV widget’s capacity to fill the full homescreen with a 25 grid layout is one of its standout features. Users benefit from an engaging and visually appealing experience as a result.

The Finance Watchlist widget is a practical resource for anyone who are interested in following stocks and investments. The Google app’s widget syncs with both google.com/finance and Google Search. At the top, it has a “Featured investment” and a sizable chart. Any stock, index, or cryptocurrency can be explicitly chosen by users, or they can choose to have the widget automatically highlight the “Top mover,” which reflects the largest gain or loss.

Users can arrange stock names, symbols, or day percentage changes in ascending or decreasing order using the Finance Watchlist widget’s numerous sorting options. By long-pressing the widget and selecting the pencil icon in the bottom-right corner, users can access these settings.

It’s important to note that these widgets are now accessible on more devices than just smartphones. Even on the Samsung Z Flip 5’s cover display, the Finance Watchlist widget is accessible because to Samsung’s strong promotion of its compatibility.

Google has begun releasing Material You updates for other components of the Android homescreen, including as Google News, Calendar, and At a Glance, in addition to the Google TV and Finance Watchlist widgets.

Overall, having these widgets available on Android phones gives customers a practical and individualized method to receive entertainment suggestions and financial data directly from their homescreens.

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