Facebook and Google are coming for Zoom

Facebook & Google are coming for Zoom

We all know that this pandemic has cost us a lot of damage. Among them, the most severe one is related to education. As the educational institution are closed for almost 2 months. To prevent study loss, institutions have shifted towards online classes and study sessions.

For this purpose, they opted to do a live session on online streaming platforms including zoom. Zoom is blessed with a lot of success due to this pandemic.

Almost all educational institutions around the world are using this streaming platform to offer their educational services. While looking at its success, both tech giants Facebook and Google are trying to offer features that can allow multiple people to a one video call.

Recently, Facebook has tried to increase the number of participants in the group call to a maximum of 40 people. However, the company is still trying to make the video quality better and better.

Similarly, it is reported that the search engine giant, Google is also in a process to provide a live calling platform to compete Zoom. Recently, it was reported that they are severe privacy concerns over using Zoom as a video calling platform.

These loopholes might be the key point that both tech giants have planned to enhance their video calling services. However, it is very important for you to know that you can rely on any of the video calling platforms because they do not keep your data secure.

As mentioned above, the social media giant, Facebook as recently announced its new video calling service known as Messenger Rooms. This service does not require a Facebook account and enable up to 50 people to have a video call at the same time.

Following the introduction of Messenger Rooms, Google introduced its Google Meet which allows nearly 100 people to have video calling sessions at the same time. If you have an email then you can easily access the Google Meet.

If we compare both of these services with Zoom then we know that it allows up to 100 people to do a video call for up to 40 minutes. Thanks to all of these services, now consumers have plenty of options to select the reliable one.

Zoom is the most popular video calling service and according to recent reports, Zoom hosts nearly 300 million meetings in a single day. On the other hand, Google hosts nearly 100 million meetings after introducing its Google Meet. It is too early to claim numbers for Messenger Room but according to reports, Whatsapp and Facebook collectively host nearly 700 million video calls each day.

According to experts, Facebook will dominate the video calling service competition as it is in the game for several years. Google might be able to grab some market profit. However, none from zoom commented on these newly introduced calling services.

Having a tough competition for dominating the video calling services, it becomes really easy for the end-users to enjoy the quality video calling. Moreover, companies will make every effort to grab more users.

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