Electron.js has been accepted by OpenJS Foundation in its incubation program.


Electron.js cross-platform open-source framework.

Electron.js has been accepted by OpenJS Foundation in its incubation program.

As we all know that Node JS is an amazing language that provides plenty of features. To make this language more versatile and reliable, the OpenJS Foundation has been timely updating the procedures. Recently, the foundation declared that it is going to accept the Electron into its incubation program.

According to this latest update, the OpenJS Foundation is working to provide vendor-neutral support that will provide support the sustained growth within the open-source community of Javascript.

Apparently, the community is supported by more than 20 end-user and corporate members such as IBM, Google, Microsoft, Joyent, Intel, and GoDaddy.

To help developers in developing more reliable and effective desktop applications, the OpenJS Foundation made this announcement of supporting Electron. It is to be noted that Electron is known as an open-source framework that allows JavaScript developers to develop desktop applications.

This framework is also compatible with several other languages including CSS and HTML. Moreover, it is based on Chromium and Node.js. The best part about it is that it has been used to develop several well-known applications such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, Visual Studio Code, Trello, Skype, OpenFin, and Discord, etc.

According to one of the reliable sources from OpenJS Foundation,

“We are going to start 2020 with amazing features from Electron. Our Electron project leaders have honored us with this best integration. The project leaders have always helped OpenJS foundation in assisting developers in delivering innovative desktop apps. We all know that Electron is no doubt a powerful tool and it is widely used by several companies and applications. With my community, I am determined to work with Electron and will be happy to have significant developments and contributions from them.”

It is to be noted that the cross-platform abilities of Electron make it easy for developers to develop and run applications on Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems. At first, the platform was developed by GitHub in 2013, and now it is maintained by several developers and companies.

This platform best suits developers who always want to produce cross-platform and effective applications. The Principal Engineering Manager at Microsoft, Jacob Groundwater said that
“We are happy to see that Electron is going to offer its services to the OpenJS Foundation and we assume it as an amazing step in developing ourselves as an open-source project. With the support of the OpenJS Foundation, we will continue to play an important role to adopt the latest web technologies by producing innovative desktop applications. We will also upgrade Javascript to develop a reliable platform for excellent desktop apps.”

What Developers Will Get?

Electron’s integration into the OpenJS Foundation will not change the behavior of it being developed or used. Moreover, it will not directly affect the developers who develop desktop applications with Electron.

As mentioned above, in 2013, Electron was proposed by GitHub but, currently, it is being maintained by several developers and organizations. Last year, the platform update its structure and focused on formalizing how a single decision can affect the entire project.

Electron believes that with the support of multiple developers and organizations, it becomes really easy to make the platform stronger and to develop a great open-source ecosystem.

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