Cool New Features in iOS 17 You’ll Actually Use

Cool New Features in iOS 17

New Features in iOS 17 : Although iOS 17 doesn’t actually have any noteworthy new features, it does contain a lot of tiny adjustments that make using your iPhone or iPad much more pleasant.

Some iOS features remain around and make you wonder how you ever managed without them (copy and paste on iOS 3 is one example). Then there are things like Stage Manager from the iPadOS update from last year, which has actually been improved this year, that sound fantastic on paper but that you use just once before forgetting about. Today, in no particular order, we’ll look at the updated features in iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 that you will actually use.

Here are some New Features in iOS 17

Widgets and Live Voicemail

We’ll start with interactive widgets. Now, home-screen widgets can include buttons, checkboxes, and other elements. For instance, the superb Albums app now includes play buttons next to the album image in the widget, and the Things app allows you to check off items from your to-do list directly from the widget.

Apple iOS 17 StandBy Music cec253178a29475fb89d59eb512b19f7
 iPhone iOS 17 music in Standby Mode. Apple

Next, and this is likely to be a major point, we have Live Voicemail. Avoid answering incoming calls. Send the caller to voicemail instead. Live Voicemail will activate and immediately transcribe the caller’s message. That is correct. You can peruse the caller’s message as it is left and take up the phone to speak with them at any time. FaceTime video conversations now include a voicemail option, but I’m unsure if this will take on.

Speaking of listening, iOS 17 introduces Adaptive Audio, my fave new feature. This is an update to the AirPods Pro 2 that improves their noise-cancelling capabilities. Adaptive Audio is a combination of transparency mode and complete noise cancellation. It allows external noises to pass through in calm environments and automatically blocks them in loud environments.

I’ve been evaluating it for about a week, and it functions properly. It manages to reduce loud sounds while still allowing you to hear what’s going on. This may be due to another AirPods enhancement, Conversation Awareness, which automatically boosts voices when people speak to you, breaking through your cocoon of near-silence.

“Adaptive Audio in iOS 17 represents a significant improvement. This feature has significantly improved the audio experience by customizing sound outputs to individual auditory capabilities, which is a benefit for someone with a background in audio and video editing like myself, said Real Good Software founder Brian Mclintic in an email to Lifewire.

Apple iOS 17 StandBy clock face 51c8638050ab4e3e82c2f2ec40c4f04e
 iOS 17 Standby mode. Apple


Autocorrect has also been vastly enhanced. It uses AI/machine learning to better predict your next word or even the next several words, and instead of displaying its suggestions above the keyboard, they’re directly in line with your text, displayed in gray. You press the space bar to validate the suggestion and continue typing. It is vastly superior to the old method.

“I type extremely quickly on my phone, and I do so frequently. It is my favored method of emailing coworkers and communicating with my family. I’m therefore eagerly anticipating the enhanced, customizable autocorrect features. Not only can I better rectify my most frequent errors, but I can also configure Studypool-like shortcuts to complete long, frequently-used words. It will increase my communication speed,” Troy Portillo, director of operations for the online learning platform Studypool, told Lifewire via email.

There are a million more minor changes, but these are the ones that we believe will actually be useful and become indispensable, unlike Apple Music Sing with Continuity Camera (video karaoke with FX) and business news in the Stocks Widget, which must have been requested by Tim Cook. You will absolutely adore them.

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