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Bing Chat updates : Bing Chat Search Data Finally Comes to Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing Chat updates

Bing Chat updates : Bing Webmaster Tools Performance Report has been updated to include data from Bing web search and Bing Chat.

Microsoft has released a new version of its Bing Webmaster Tools Performance Report. This update seeks to give website owners and SEO specialists a more thorough picture of their site’s performance on Bing, including both search engine and Bing Chat information. Let’s see Bing Chat updates

Web and Chat Metrics Metrics on a Single Dashboard

The updated Bing Webmaster Tools Performance Report now combines information from online search and chat into a single dashboard. This connection provides users with a comprehensive picture of their website’s Bing clicks, impressions, and engagement. Notably, the report provides key numbers such as click-through rates for web pages and chat answers, the number of pages indexed, URLs crawled, and performance indicators in specific categories such as photos, videos, and news.

However, because Microsoft is displaying merged results for Bing Chat and Bing Web searches, this essentially implies that the data is not being displayed as promised. Bing Chat data would be included into Bing Webmaster Tools by May 2023, according to Microsoft. It is also worth mentioning that any additional traffic data derived from AI-based findings is still absent. Read also Microsoft Surface and AI presentation introduction to every product

Bing Chat updates : API Updates and Future Prospects

The Search Performance API has been changed to go along with the revised Performance Report. This API now includes all sorts of traffic, not only web-based traffic. It makes it easier to integrate performance data into other tools, speeding analytical workflows and removing the need for manual data exports. The Bing team has also hinted at an upcoming upgrade that would allow data access by specific locations, replicating the functionality of the website. This means improved segmentation and bespoke reporting options, as well as the ability to connect Bing search data with data from other sources.

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