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Best ceiling fans in India in October 2023

Best ceiling fans in India in October 2023
Best ceiling fans in India in October 2023

Best ceiling fans in India in October 2023 : The ceiling fans are not only inexpensive furnishings but also a highly practical summertime choice that is also within your means. Therefore, if you’re looking for the top ceiling fan brands in India, look no further because we’ve got you covered.

We are here to talk about the best ceiling fan brands in India so that you may add the coolest breeze to your life right now. Even if there are many alternatives available and new brands enter the market every day, it is our job to identify the best ones so that you may have the top brands of ceiling fans for your house.

A ceiling fan plays a crucial role in your house since it continually disperses cold air to all of the room’s corners and dispels stifling heat. India has made significant advancements in the manufacture of ceiling fans, adding features like BLDC motors, dust-resistant blades, ornamental ceiling fans, etc.

Top 5 Best ceiling fans in India in October 2023

Ceiling fan Price (in Rs.)
Crompton Energion Hyperjet 1200mm BLDC Ceiling Fan with Remote Control2799
Orient Electric Apex-FX Ceiling Fan | 1200mm BEE Star Rated Ceiling Fan1514
Havells 1200mm Ambrose Energy Saving Ceiling Fan2199
Havells Glaze 1200mm 1 Star Energy Saving Ceiling Fan2399
Havells Ambrose Decorative BLDC 1200mm Energy Saving with Remote Control 5 Star Ceiling Fan3999
Best ceiling fans in India list

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1. Crompton Energion Hyperjet 1200mm BLDC Ceiling Fan with Remote Control

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ATIVBLDC TECHNOLOGY: Energion Hyperjet, rated 5 stars, reduces power usage by 50% and delivers 220 CMM air at 35W. The Energion Hyperjet has a point-anywhere RF remote control, so you can operate the fan without having to aim the remote at it. A single button on the remote activates the hyper mode, timer, or sleep mode.

Product Dimensions57.6D x 24.6W x 21.4H Centimeters
Recommended Uses For ProductHome
Finish TypePowder Coated
Blade Length1200 Millimetres
Speed350 RPM
Collection NameHome
Switch TypeToggle
Item Weight2850 Grams
Best ceiling fans in India

2. Orient Electric Apex-FX Ceiling Fan

51Zb 9uH9IL. SL1500

AWESOME PERFORMANCE: The fan produces 210 CMM airflow at a speed of 350 RPM. Galvanised blades that resist corrosion guarantee the product’s lifespan and ease of maintenance. It efficient yet small design is simple to keep up and clean.

BrandOrient Electric
Electric fan designCeiling Fan
Power SourceElectric
StyleApex-FX BEE Star Rated
Product Dimensions55D x 26.5W x 19H Centimeters
Room TypeBedroom, Dining Room
Special FeatureCompact,Long Lasting
Recommended Uses For ProductCooling
Wattage60 Watts
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3. Havells 1200mm Ambrose Energy Saving Ceiling Fan

51iZw2t9ZsL. SL1500

Metallic paint appearance , Decorative-ring motor ornamental trimmings on the blades and canopy ,Two Ball Bearings and Efficacious Induction Motor

ColourPearl White Wood
Electric fan designCeiling Fan
Power SourceCorded Electric
StyleEnergy Saving
Product Dimensions55.5D x 27.3W x 20.5H Centimeters
Room TypeKids Room, Kitchen, Bathroom, Living Room, Bedroom, Home Office, Nursery, Dining Room
Special FeatureExotic rich looks with modern styling, Optimum air delivery even at low voltage
Recommended Uses For ProductExhausting, Cooling, Ventilating, Air Circulation, Drying
Noise Level65 dB
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4. Havells Glaze 1200mm 1 Star Energy Saving Ceiling Fan

51zUpwh5pGL. SL1500

Blade Dimensions: 1200 mm A wider blade will deliver more air. exotic rich aesthetics with contemporary style Dual colour tones and a dust-resistant paint finish Wider blades are used to deliver and propel high air. Two Years of Full Warranty

ColourElegant White Chrome
Electric fan designCeiling Fan
Power SourceCorded Electric
Product Dimensions56.1D x 29.3W x 25.9H Centimeters
Room TypeBed Room; Halls, Kithcen, Dining Room, Bathroom,
Special FeatureOscillating
Recommended Uses For ProductExhausting, Ventilating, Cooling, Air Circulation,
Wattage53 Watts
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Havells Ambrose Decorative BLDC 1200mm Energy Saving with Remote Control 5 Star Ceiling Fan

61nt66QH5L. SL1500

Technology using ECO ACTIVE BLDC motor for reduced power use constructed-in voltage stabilisation to maintain performance at lower voltages; Timer setting for RF type, 1/2, 3, or 4 hours functioning through remote control for all direction sensing; more strength and air delivery from a wider blade

ColourGold Mist Wood
Electric fan designCeiling Fan
Power SourceCorded Electric
StyleBLDC Fans
Product Dimensions55.5D x 35.5W x 20.4H Centimeters
Room TypeDinning Room; Bed Room; Kitchen; Halls; Office Rooms
Special FeatureRemote
Recommended Uses For ProductVentilating, Air Circulation
Wattage32 Watts
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Common Questions Regarding Buying A New Ceiling Fan

Are there ceiling fans with lights?

Yes, many ceiling fans come with integrated light fixtures or have light kit options. Read this article

Can I install a ceiling fan in a sloped ceiling?

Yes, but you may need a sloped ceiling adapter or downrod to ensure proper installation.

How much electricity does a ceiling fan use ?

Ceiling fans typically consume electricity in the range of 10 to 75 watts per hour, depending on their speed settings. At low speed, they may use about 10 to 30 watts, while medium speed can consume 30 to 50 watts, and high speed can reach 50 to 75 watts per hour. These figures make ceiling fans energy-efficient cooling options compared to air conditioners. Newer models often incorporate advanced technologies like BLDC (Brushless Direct Current) motors to further reduce energy consumption. To determine the precise electricity usage, consult the manufacturer’s specifications and consider the fan’s speed and daily usage hours.

Does fan help with humidity

Fans do not really lower humidity; rather, they have a cooling impact on the body that can help you feel more comfortable in humid environments. When you sweat, the liquid on your skin evaporates more quickly in the presence of circulating air, giving you the feeling of being cooled off. Fans’ apparent cooling effect helps lessen pain brought on by high humidity. Fans are not a solution for lowering humidity levels in a space, though, as they have no effect on the actual moisture content of the air. You would require a dehumidifier or air conditioner, which actively remove moisture from the air, to manage excessive humidity.

How to oil a ceiling fan ?

A ceiling fan’s smooth functioning and noise level can both be improved by oiling it. An overview of how to oil a ceiling fan is provided here:

Power Off: For safety, make sure the fan is off and that the power supply is unplugged at the circuit breaker.

A step ladder, a screwdriver, non-conductive oil (such 3-in-1 oil), a clean cloth or paper towels, and a drop cloth to catch any drips are required.

Remove the fan’s canopy or cover to gain access to the motor housing. Typically, this entails releasing screws or clamps.

Find Oil Ports: On the motor housing, look for tiny holes called oil ports. These are often found above the engine or next to the downrod.

Apply Oil: To reach the oil ports, dip a clean cloth or paper towel into the oil or use a little oil can with a spout. To each port, add a few drops of oil.

For a few minutes, gently turn the fan blades by hand to let the oil disperse.

Wipe Excess: Remove any extra oil that may have dropped onto the motor housing or blades using a clean towel.

Reassemble: Replace the fan cover or canopy and fasten it.

Restore Power: Reset the circuit breaker and switch on the fan to check that it is operating properly.

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