Apple’s new iOS 17 Check In feature automatically tells loved ones when you make it home

Apple's new iOS 17 Check In feature

Apple’s new iOS 17 Check In feature : The software update is jam-packed with entertaining features and practical improvements, such as a new and enhanced autocorrect, an updated AirDrop interface, and the option to use FaceTime to leave voicemails.

Apple’s new iOS 17 Check In feature

iPhone XS and newer are compatible with iOS 17.

The tech business previously revealed its newest hardware lines, including the iPhone 15, would go on sale on September 22nd.

The new iPhone has a USB-C charging port, a better camera, and five color options, including pink and yellow.

The new phone is also saying goodbye to a longtime iPhone staple: the ring/mute switch. In its place will be a programmable “Action Button.” 

Check In on iPhone 

With Apple’s new Check In feature, someone is immediately notified when you arrive at your location.
Checking in is fairly easy:

To start, locate or create a message with the recipient.

Next, tap Check In, then send by tapping the plus sign next to the message box.

Make sure both devices are on iOS 17 or later if you receive a warning saying “Check In is not available to send to this recipient.”

If necessary, you can modify the notification settings.

You can select whether a notification is issued immediately or once you arrive at a particular area by tapping Edit.

What happens if there is traffic or if you need to stop for groceries or gas? It’s no trouble! Simply tap Details, followed by Add Time, to add more time.

When you send the Check In and when you terminate it, the person you’re checking in with will be notified.

It will alert the other person if you ignore Check In-related prompts from your phone or if it is off for an extended length of time.

Data Sharing with Check In

It will ask you how much info you wish to share with the other person when you use this feature for the first time.

The choices are Limited and Full.

This is what they signify:

  • Limited: Shares your most recent location, battery details, and network signal.
  • Full: Shares all of the Limited data plus the route your phone has traveled, the location of your last iPhone unlock and/or Apple Watch removal. 

These can be changed at any time in Settings > Messages > Data. 

How to download iOS 17?

On your phone, select the Settings button to download the new software.

Then select Software Update under General.

This ought to display any updates that your phone has available.

The lack of space on your phone may be the reason the update won’t install.

By selecting iPhone Storage from the General menu, you can see how much storage space your phone has.

Additionally, this will offer advice on what to purge in order to save space, such as deleting your recently deleted photographs folder.

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