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Apple has announced its huge annual iPhone upgrade. Here’s what’s new, and how to get it.

Apple has announced its huge annual iPhone upgrade

Apple has announced its huge annual iPhone upgrade : Every year, Apple offers a major update to the iPhone’s operating system alongside new iPhones, and you don’t have to buy a new handset to obtain the latest software.

The Phone app, Messages, and Safari have all received significant enhancements in this year’s version.

There are several modifications, but these are some of the most important ones:

Contact posters : One of the most significant improvements will be the addition of a new feature that will allow iPhone users to select a photo and font to change how they seem when calling other people’s iPhones. Users of iOS 17 can construct their own “contact poster” in a manner similar to how they can customize their lockscreen.
Improved autocorrection : Apple’s autocorrect has been enhanced with a transformer-based language model, which is related to the technology used in ChatGPT. Users can also use autocorrect to finish their words by tapping the space bar if a suggestion appears.

Roadside assistance : If there is no mobile coverage, consumers with current phones will be able to call AAA in the United States via satellites. It requires a phone with Apple’s SOS satellite service, meaning it will only work on the iPhone 14 or iPhone 15 from last year.
iMessage interface has been updated: Apple’s text messaging interface has been redesigned, with hidden apps like stickers and the camera now located on the left side of the screen rather than above the keyboard. Short audio messages can now be automatically transcribed by the Messages app. Searching for ancient texts has also been greatly enhanced.

Stickers: While the iPhone has had stickers — small graphics that can be placed on top of chats — for a few years, in iOS 17, Apple has consolidated all of the sticker functions into a new piece of software that can be accessible via the new iMessage interface. The new “experience,” as Apple describes it, can utilize machine learning to automatically snip things out of images, such as your cat’s face, and create new stickers from them.
Notifications of “got home safe” are sent automatically : Check In is a function that can send automatic notifications to friends and family based on whether you arrived home safely or whether you touched a button after a certain amount of time.

Docking station in standby mode: iPhones charging horizontally on a magnetic MagSafe station now function as a sort of dashboard, displaying the time, your images, future appointments, Widget information, or even a “Live Activity” such as a tracker for your Uber Eats delivery.
Maps for offline use : Users can now save portions of Apple Maps for offline use if they don’t have internet connectivity, such as while traveling to a rural place. It’s also a good idea to store your metro area on your phone for faster and more reliable routing.
Leave out the “hey.” Simply “Siri.”: It’s more sanitary. Apple’s voice assistant, Siri, no longer demands a “hey” before “Siri.”

Live Voicemails : When users receive a call, they may now direct it to voicemail by pressing a button on the iPhone’s lock screen. If the caller leaves a voicemail, it will be transcribed in real time, allowing the user to select whether or not to pick up the phone.
More secure two-factor authentication : Users who use both Apple’s Mail program and the Safari browser would appreciate the following feature: When a log-in code is provided to your email, it will appear above the keyboard. Also, after you enter a code provided via text message, it is instantly removed, saving you from seeing a slew of unread-message notifications that are actually log-in codes.

How to install iOS 17 on your iPhone

On your iPhone, launch the Settings app.
Select “General.”
Select “Software Update.” If you’ve used pre-release software, you may have a drop-down selection directly underneath to select iOS 17 or a beta version. When your iPhone is ready, it will restart automatically.

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