Amazon Echo Hub : Amazon has unveiled the Echo Hub, which will allow you to better control your smart home.

Amazon Echo Hub

Amazon Echo Hub : From the dashboard of the wall-mountable hub, you can control your compatible smart home devices.

It is harder to handle them all when you add more smart home appliances to your home. Amazon is now launching its own hub that serves as a centralized interface for managing all of your gadgets. The new Echo Hub is a wall-mountable control panel with an eight-inch touch screen and a programmable dashboard. It was unveiled on Wednesday at Amazon’s Devices event.

You may monitor and manage any compatible smart home device using the dashboard. For instance, you may start an Alexa routine, turn on your fan, adjust the level on an Echo speaker, and access the video from your Ring security camera in addition to activating your security system.

Starting in 2019, a new function called Map View will make your smart home’s layout visible, allowing you to locate any connected device. Alexa allows you to communicate with the Echo Hub without needing to be right next to it, in addition to utilizing the touch screen. The hub transforms into a display screen while you’re not using it, displaying family photographs or providing the time and weather.

According to Amazon, the Echo Hub is compatible with more than 140,000 smart devices. Additionally, it supports every significant connection standard, including Matter and Thread. Additionally, the hub enables the transmission of both data and electrical power across Ethernet cables by cooperating with power-over-ethernet (PoE) components like Amazon’s eero PoE Gateway.

The market for third-party smart home hubs isn’t new, but they may be pricey, costing several hundred dollars. Amazon set the pricing of the Echo Hub at $180 to obtain a competitive advantage.

Charlie French, Amazon’s director of smart house, stated during the event that today’s smart home panels are costly, need professional installation, and don’t last long. “We sought to alter that.”

Later this year, the Echo Hub will be offered for purchase.

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